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The BC Kodály Society Hosts

Kodály Society of Canada National Conference

Feburary 20-21, 2015

George Jay Elementary and University of Victoria

A series of inspirational and informative
Kodály workshops
Presented by Kodály experts from across Canada

The Music Menu- Jan Dammann

Add savory and spice to your routines. Flavorful reading and writing activities reinforce concepts in a most tasty manner.

Follow a Tune – Jo Yawney

The Purpose: to demonstrate how a relatively few number of specifically chosen songs can yield a wealth of musical concepts when presented sequentially, in accordance with Kodály pedagogy.

Our Canadian Landscape in Song- Ardelle Reis

The development of musical independence as demonstrated through part-singing is one of the most important and fulfilling objectives for Kodály music educators. Foundations for part-singing skills can and should be established early and sequentially nurtured. The creative use of physical movement, improvisation, and literacy tools (solfa & rhythm syllables) provide reinforcement, variety, flexibility, and expressive enjoyment. This session will review the steps to the development of part-singing and musicianship skills while on a pleasant musical journey across Canada.

Xylophone Fun from Early Literacy to Composition – Inge Illman

Xylophones are an excellent tool for teaching improvisation and composition, as well as teaching melodic and rhythmic concepts in the elementary music classroom. In this session, you will learn songs, activities and games that employ xylophones and metallophones as well as other classroom percussion instruments, to strengthen music literacy skills and provide opportunities for student creativity. Composing one's own music brings pride, empowerment, ownership, and differentiation is inherent in the process. We will explore ways that students of all ages and abilities can learn to compose and how composition can cement specific music theory or literacy concepts. We will practice various composition activities aimed at various ages, specifically Grades K-5. Come ready to sing, move, and play!

Freestyle! Kokas-inspired movement- Jacob Autio

This session will feature an introductory overview of the philosophy and activities of a direct student of Zoltan Kodály, Klara Kokas. Kokas linked listening to movement as a main component of teaching music to children. Get ready to move through a demonstration lesson and discover some of Klara’s teachings and philosophies to see how they can be incorporated into your practice.

Recorders in the Kodály-inspired classroom – Jody Stark

Kodály suggested that a good musician must have a well-developed ear, intelligence, heart, and hand. Quality recorder instruction provides an opportunity to developed all four. This session will explore teaching strategies that facilitate upper-elementary students’ growing musical understanding and provide students with quality music-making experiences. Topics will include introducing recorders, encouraging practice and good intonation, classroom management, differentiated instruction, and ways to facilitate musical thinking. Participants will be provided with repertoire suggestions and invited to actively participate on soprano and alto recorders. Bring a recorder and play along!

Jan Dammann- Jan has taught music for over 30 years. She currently teaches K – 6 music in St. Albert, Aberta, where she has enjoyed developing a sequential program and Workshop Music Education at the University of Calgary. She was President of the Alberta Kodály Association from 2003 – 2007 and has also been active in organizing music conferences. Music Education at the University of Calgary. She was President of the Alberta Kodály Association from 2003 – 2007 and has also been active in organizing music conferences. Comprehensive curriculum over several years in the same school. Jan received her diploma in Kodály.

Jo Yawney- Jo has a B.A. and M.A. from U.B.C as well as Montessori and Kodály method training. She currently teaches Kodály classes, private violin and viola lessons, elementary chamber music and theory classes and workshops as well as vocal coaching. Jo is an avid chamber music enthusiast, playing whenever she can!

Ardelle Reis- An Associate Professor of Music at the University of Alberta Augustana Faculty, Ardelle has conducted The Augustana Choir for a decade and is the founding director of Mannskor: Augustana’s Men’s Choir. Additional post-secondary teaching responsibilities include conducting, choral literature, and musicianship classes. With a strong musical and pedagogical foundation established at the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute in Hungary, Ardelle has been on faculty as an aural musicianship specialist at the Kecskemét Kodály Conservatory, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the University of Calgary. In July 2015, she will teach in the Kodály Level One course offered by the University of Alberta Faculty of Education and will lead seminars at the International Kodály Seminar in Kecskemét, Hungary. Ardelle served on the board of the Alberta Choral Federation for nearly a decade and is the 2013 recipient of the Richard S. Eaton Award of Distinction in recognition for exemplary service to choral music in the province of Alberta. Ardelle is an advisor for the Alberta Kodály Association and serves on the board of directors for the Kodály Society of Canada and the International Kodály Society.

Inge Illman-Inge teaches music and directs choirs at Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria. She incorporates elements of various music education methodologies, however the Kodály philosophy and curriculum is the backbone of her literacy based program. Inge is passionate about bringing music theory to life through singing games, action songs and her original stories. More recently, as an IB music teacher, Inge simultaneously connects her units with units of inquiry in the homeroom classroom, creating deeper understanding and appreciation for her students. Inge has a Bachelor of Music in Voice from the University of Victoria. She is the past president of the BC branch of the Kodály Society of Canada and a past director on the national board.

Jacob Autio- Jacob is a musician educator in Campbell River, BC teaching at two K-5 elementary schools. His Kodály-inspired program has a large focus on the community culture that is built through singing together. He is currently the president of the BC Kodály Society and the incoming editor of the KSC Journal, Alla Breve. Mr. Autio holds his Bachelor of Music from the University of Ottawa, his Masters of Music in euphonium performance, and his Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria. He currently has his Kodály Level 2 from the University of Victoria and plans to pursue his Level 3 at the International Kodály Symposium in Camrose, Alberta in in 2017. In 2013, Jake attended the International Kodály Symposium in Kecskemét, Hungary where he was introduced to the teachings of Klara Kokas. Jacob also sings and conducts with the renowned Island Voices Chamber Choir.

Jody Stark - Jody teaches music and music education at Concordia University College of Alberta where she was also the Executive Director of Concordia’s award-winning choral music and teacher education program Singspiration/Inspiration for Teachers. In addition to her work at Concordia, Ms. Stark teaches the pedagogy and materials component of a certified graduate-level Kodály teacher education program which she helped to start at the University of Alberta. Prior to this, she taught elementary school and choral music in both French Immersion and English settings for many years. Her background includes studies at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary and with Lois Choksy at the University of Calgary, and a Masters in Music Education from the University of Alberta. Jody is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta where she is studying music teacher professional learning. She has served on the executive of the Alberta Kodály Association for almost 20 years in a variety of roles including president, journal editor, conference organizer, and, more recently, advisor, and is the vice-chair for the 2017 International Kodály Symposium which will be held in the lovely Camrose, Alberta.

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