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Encore National KSC Mini-Conference
February 17-18, 2011
Ecole Quadra Elementary - Victoria, BC
A series of inspirational and informative
Kodály workshops
Presented by Kodály experts from across Canada
Jan Taylor-Bilenki – Game Songs
Susan Drayson – Singing and Simultaneity: For Babies and Beyond
Darlene Ngo – Playing Orff Xylophones from the Kodály Perspective
Dr. Elia Peterson – Musicianship for the Music Teacher
“Musicianship for the Music Teacher”
Dr. Eila Peterson
Mindful and Feelingful interaction with music enriches our lives. That is the conviction that we strive to instill in our students. If we are to do that convincingly, then we must nourish our own musical souls, not simply through passive listening, but also by searching out deeper and richer musical experiences. What time can we, as busy teachers, find to expand our own musical literacy skills? Any time there is music in the air, or music in our heads. People learn more easily, and more thoroughly, when playing than when working. This session will explore some strategies for playing with the “stuff” that music is made of in ways that can develop our musical memory and “polyphonic thinking” as well as our understanding of pitch, harmony, rhythm, and form.
"Playing Orff Xylophones from a Kodály Perspective"
Darlene Ngo
This will be a hands-on session with a process that extends musical literacy skills beyond singing to playing Orff xylophones. The session will use examples of song material from grade 2 to 6 to teach proper mallet technique. We will also touch on working from solfege to absolute pitch as well as include unison and part playing. Dress comfortably as we will sit on the floor!
“Game Songs”
Jan Taylor- Bilenki
This will be a lively, active session which demonstrates how game songs can be used to achieve various teaching objectives in music as well as other subject areas. Jan will share many ideas for choosing game songs and teaching them effectively.
"Singing and Simultaneity: For Babies and Beyond"
Susan Drayson
This session will immerse you into the experience of 2-part development for your students from their infancy to adulthood! Encourage the growth of various musical skill by performing and comprehending beat, rhythm, and melody all at the same time!!
Encore Clinicians
Dr. Eila Peterson
Eila’s passion for aural skills training began during her undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario, where sightsinging classes with Ilona Bartalus became a opportunity for learning and loving great musical literature. Since then, she has taught in the public school system for 8 years, completed a Master of Music degree at the University of Calgary, specializing in Kodály music education, and has been teaching at the post-secondary level since 1986. Since earning a PhD in music education from Northwestern University, Eila has taught in Edmonton at the U. of A. and King’s University College, as well as working with community musicians through Festival City Winds Music Society, and presenting numerous workshops.
Darlene Ngo
Darlene Ngo, born in Prince George, BC, holds a Bachelor of Education (Music) from the University of Victoria, an ARCT piano diploma from the Royal Conservatory of the University of Toronto as well as a Master of Music (Kodály) from the University of Calgary. She is an Elementary Kodály specialist whose passion is to inspire the love of music and develop musical literacy through music classes and choir programs. Darlene has taught Music K-6 and English Language Arts in Campbell River for 19 years. Currently, she is teaching music in two elementary schools, is the chairperson of Campbell River Music Educators’ Association, Registrar of the BC Kodály Society of Canada as well as Treasurer of the Kodály Society of Canada.
Jan Taylor-Bilenki
Jan Taylor-Bilenki earned her Bachelor of Education (Music Major) from the U of A in 1980, and in 1983, she received a Diploma of Fine Arts (Emphasis on Kodály Music Pedagogy) from the University of Calgary. Jan has taught as a K-6 Music Specialist in Alberta throughout her teaching career, including eighteen years in St. Albert, and in Calgary since 1998. Jan is currently teaching music at River Valley School; and at Mount Royal Conservatory in the Early Childhood Kodály Musicianship Program.
Jan has also served as a professional development clinician for many organizations including teachers’ conventions, the Alberta Assessment Consortium, the Northwest Regional Learning Consortium, the Central Alberta Regional Consortium, the Early Childhood Education Council, Singspiration at Concordia University, the University of Calgary Kodály Summer Program, the Kodály Society of Canada and the Alberta Kodály Association. During the summer session 2001, Jan was on the faculty at the University of Calgary as instructor for the Graduate Kodály Diploma Program (second year pedagogy).
Susan Drayson
Susan Drayson, M.Mus. (Kodály), B.Mus. (Elementary Music Education), B.Ed., Cert.Mus. (Kodály) Susan began her career as an elementary school music specialist in Ontario, during which time she studied at the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute in Hungary. In 1998, Susan moved to Alberta to commence studies in the Masters of Music program at the University of Calgary. She is the Coordinator and an instructor of the Early Childhood Kodály Musicianship Program at Mount Royal Conservatory, where she also teaches in the “Music with Your Baby” program. She is a graduate of the Laurier Kodály Music Education Program and for several years was an instructor and administrator with the UofC Kodály Summer Program. Susan is a former member of the Kodály Society of Ontario, a Past-President of the Alberta Kodály Association, and honoured and delighted to on the KSC board!

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