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Adzinyah, Maraire and Judith Cook Tucker. Let your Voice Be Heard! Songs from Ghana & Zimbabwe. Danbury, CT.: World Music Press, 1997 (revised edition). (Tape or CD included in set.) Call and response, multi-part and game songs, arranged and annotated for grades K-12. Each song includes music, pronunciations, translation explanation and notes on use. Suitable for junior, intermediate and high school, possibly. Very interesting and accessible. An excellent resource.

Burton, Bryan. Moving Within the Circle. Danbury, CT.: World Music Press, 1993. (Tape or CD included in set. Colour slides available.)This is a comprehensive book on Native American music and dance. It includes details about their instruments, the pronunciation and meaning of the text, oral music and percussion scores, and dance instruction. Burton immersed himself in various Native People’s culture, directly experiencing and learning their musical traditions which are carried out in the oral tradition. Recommendation: grade five and up.

Campbell, Patricia Shehan, Ellen McCullough-Brabson & Judith Cook Tucker, editors. Roots & Branches: A Legacy of Multicultural Music for Children. Danbury, Ct.: World Music Press, 1994. (Includes CD or tape.) A most credible collection of 38 refreshingly unfamiliar songs and games from 23 cultures. Includes hand and chant games, circle dances, lullabies, work songs and listening songs. Contributor biographies along with cultural overviews provide a "first-person" context for each selection. All selections on the CD are performed by the contributors in the original language. Photocopies permitted for educational use. Includes bibliography. Highly recommended.

Campbell, Patricia Shehan, Sue Williamson & Pierre Perron, editors. Traditional Songs of Singing Cultures: A World Sampler. USA.: Warner Bros. Publications, 1996. (Includes CD.) This excellent resource is the result of a project by the International Society for Music Education. It contains songs representing 13 different countries. Each entry includes a map, cultural information, information about the song, teaching suggestions and extensions and the melody written in staff notation. The song is performed on the CD by a musician of that culture. Photocopying of any kind is not permitted without permission.

Gesser, Samuel, editor. A Folksong Portrait of Canada. Markham, Ontario: PolyGram Group Canada Ltd., 1994. This Smithsonian-Folkways collection is probably the most authentic and credible collection available in Canada. The 3 CD set comes with extensive notes on the music and performers, along with text and translations. Especially intriguing is the large native peoples section. This gem is a definite must be in any folk song collection and very inexpensive.

Hampton, Walt. Hot Marimba! Zimbabwean-Style Music for Orff Instruments. Danbury, CT.: World Music Press, 1995. (Includes tape or CD.) Nine Zimbabwe-style pieces composed for Orff instruments by Walt Hampton, presented in order of ascending difficulty. The tape is very useful in establishing the rhythms. Exciting music sure to keep the interest of the group at a very high level!

Jones, Bessie and Bess Lomax Hawes. Step it Down. Athens, GA.: University of Georgia Press, Brown Thrasher Books, 1972. (Tape: Step it down, Games for Children by Bessie Jones. 1988 Rounder Records Corp. Rounder C-9004. Rounder Records, One Camp Street, Cambridge, MA., 02140.) A very interesting read and super source for games, songs and stories from the African- American heritage. Mrs. Jones’ ideas, stories and explanations are all in italics. Some patience is required for some of the written directions for games - but the tape helps and the outcome is well worth the effort.

Kerlee, Paul. Welcome in the Spring: Morris and Sword Dances for Children. Danbury, CT., World Music Press, 1996. (Book available on its own or as book and tape set.)The dance and music possibilities in the collection are exciting, especially for use in the junior and intermediate grades!

Libana. Fire Within. Durham, NC.: Ladyslipper Inc., 1990. (Tape available.) The music in this collection spans seven centuries and many different cultures. Musician Susan Robbins describes the music the best. "Running through this collection of music is a strength and quiet depth of heart, a reverence and mined vision toward individual and planetary peace. Two-thirds of these songs are rounds. Minimalist by nature, rounds create an exquisite circular motion for both the singer and the listener. Their repetitive, mantra-like phrasing facilitates a deeper, inner experience of emotion or allows a potent affirmation of a belief or image to occur. Singing rounds is also an inherently communal activity with each part holding equal importance within the whole." An excellent resource.

May, Elizabeth. Music of Many Cultures. Berkeley, CA.: University of California Press, 1980. (Tapes included.)This is an excellent book for understanding the structure and style of the music used in a variety of countries and continents. It also provides information regarding how music is used in the culture. I would use this book with late primary and junior children. The text is difficult for students to read, but the maps, pictures [ie. of the instruments used] and tape would be great for them. It also gives a detailed bibliography, discography and list of related films.

Nettl, Bruno Excursions in World Music. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Inc., 1992. (Tapes included.) Introduction to major musical traditions including India, the Middle East, Indonesia, Sub-Sahara Africa, and Latin America. Includes tapes of musical performances. Very useful for a unit of study, but too much information for general use.

Nyberg, Anders. Freedom is Coming: Songs of Protest and Praise from South Africa. Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Walton Music Corporation, 1984. (Tape available.) Some of the songs contained in this anthology of 15 songs of the blacks in South Africa will be familiar, such as ‘Siyahamba’ and ‘Freedom is Coming’. Although arranged for SATB voices, suggestions are given for 3-pt mixed choir, women’s choir, men’s choir and children’s choir. Detailed musical instructions help to ensure an authentic performance. In addition to a wonderful collection of songs, this book contains moving photos, drawings and quotations.

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